Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day Fun

I can't believe May is here!  This school year is rapidly coming to an end!  I have enjoyed my 2012-2013 class so much.  They are such a creative and fun group of boys and girls.  I am sad to see them go!  Today we decided to do something special for their sweet mothers for Mother's Day this Sunday.  (I'm going to miss the Moms too!)

Today we talked about how thankful we are for our mothers.  We started making a list of all the things our moms do for us...which is an endless list!  I am not yet a member of the Mother Club, but I have loads of respect for those of you who are!  Happy Mother's Day!

Keeping with our room theme, we made "Owl Always Love You" booklets for our mothers.  For the free download click here.

For the first page, we used crayons and watercolors for a cool water resist.  Here are the groups hard at work. :)

For the second page, the students drew a picture of their mother and completed some sentences about their mother.  I love reading what they wrote in the blanks. Too cute!

For the final page, the students made a handprint owls to go along with a cute handprint poem.  I found an inspiration on Pinterest. Here are some samples.

We used the hole punch and curly ribbon to tie it all together.  My kids worked so hard on these and can't wait to take them home!

I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day weekend!

For more free downloads from me click here!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kerrie, I love all the creativity that you do in your classroom. It's what makes school fun and the students will want to continue with their education.
Love you!

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