Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Classroom Tour...

Welcome to first grade!  I have enjoyed getting my room together this first nine weeks!  I seem to think of more and more things I need everyday.  This summer I walked into a completely empty classroom with NO first grade supplies AT ALL!  Needless to say I worried all summer long, but thankfully things are beginning to fall into place.  Some days I feel like we are doing great and other days we tread water!  Please share any great ideas you have to help me get my classroom up to par! 
I had to go against the grain and get rid of those BIG BULKY desks!  I am LOVING our new tables!  (The kids like them too!)  Mom mom helped me make our fabulous seat covers to hold their supplies.  Thanks Mom!  :)
Here is the view from the other side of the classroom.  Once again, Mom made some fabulous curtains to hide all that ugly stuff no one wants to see!  Needless to say, Mom is teaching me how to sew!

So maybe I went dumpster diving at our church for this fabulous tree....  And then MAYBE I spray painted it purple...  LOVE IT!  The plan is to decorate the tree for every season.  We used empty crayon boxes for August/September!
I use Sound Town my Mrs. Sandra Norris to teach phonics, and the kids LOVE it!  This week we are singing "Hey Goodlooking" and learning our "r" clusters... SO FUN!
If only we could all follow these everyday...
Mountain Language and Mountain Math are up!  I waited for these for a while.  We haven't started using them yet, but the time is near!

I hope you enjoyed looking around our classroom! 


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