Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fun with ABC Order

This week our story was "The Surprise Family". It is cute book about a chicken who discovers that her babies are actually ducklings instead of chicks. My kids LOVED this book! They enjoyed talking about how important it is to love others even if they are different. So glad I have a job where I can love on and teach kids how to treat others!

SO... I had a TON of leftover plastic Easter eggs that I brought to school. (Teachers always can find a use for JUNK!) I crumbed up some brown construction paper, making a bird nest. Then I put a word in side each egg and SHAAZAMM, an ABC order activity is readY! (Well almost! I also made a recording sheet for the kids to write their answers.) Each table had different colored eggs, and the groups rotated from nest to nest. THEY LOVED IT! Here are a pictures of the kids hard at work! Enjoy!


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