Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's Raining Adjectives!

Ok so the year is winding down and I'm trying to review and really work on our writing skills. So last week for language we did an adjective unit. We started with an outdoor reading of Eric Carle's Little Cloud. The kids actually gave me a round of applause when I finished the book. It's funny how they think the lesson is so different when we are in a different atmosphere! We spread out in the school yard and watched the clouds for various shapes. They drew what they saw on their papers. One little girl said this was her favorite lesson of the year! Guess I should teach in an outdoor classroom more often! :)

The next day in small groups we worked on writing sentences using adjectives to describe the clouds we saw outside. Here are some finished products!

We also did some adjective brainstorming to help us write about rainy days and rainbows.

One day we used our senses to help us brainstorm more adjectives. In whole group I used an apple as an example, and the kids helped me put adjectives on the board to describe how the apple looked, smelled, tasted, felt, and sounded. Then they got to pick their own object and use their senses to describe it. Here are a few!

We also did and adjective sort and adjective search. Here is the adjective sort! The boots have adjectives that describe the noun on the umbrella.

As a culminating activity, we made "Adjective Art". The kids used watercolor to paint a rainy day scene. Here are a few that were drying!

Later, the kids made a list of adjective to describe their art. So much fun with adjectives this week!

To get this complete unit click here!


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What awesome activities...I love it all! =)

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