Saturday, May 5, 2012

Perfect Saturday...

Don't you love this time of the year? I love my job, but I'm SO looking forward to summer! Today definitely gave me the itch! Every year our town has an art fesitival called "Day in the Park." It begins with a 5k run through historic downtown Laurel. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law ran with me this morning, and we had a sweaty blast! I'm so happy I didn't pass out on the side of the road!

(My favorite sis-in-law Michelle, "THE QUEEN" Elaine, and Me!)

After the run we went home to clean up and headed back for lunch and a fun "Day in the Park". We took our dog Jack and ran into a few of my firsties! We rode around in the Jeep with the doors off all day. (We are those people!) And then found ourselves buying crawfish for dinner! A fabulous day in the south always revolves around food!

Perfect ending to a perfect Saturday! Hope y'all enjoy your weekend!!


Michelle said...

I have the best sis-in-law!! She makes every Saturday a perfect Saturday!

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