Friday, August 3, 2012

Back to School

It's official! School starts Monday..... Ready or not here they come! We had a great turn out at our open house last night, and I'm already in love with my new babies. I have such high expectations for this group! I have slaved away in my room for the past two weeks getting things organized for that start of school. Last year was my first year teaching first grade in a new school, so this year I'm ready to rock and roll!

Here is a view of my room from the doorway.

We use this board for bus and car notes each day.

I found this great idea on Pinterest! (I'm obsessed!) Each table is marked by the number and color. The number marks their "Home Table" and the color marks their "Reading Table."

I made these labels to organize the student supply table.

Here is the view of the front of the classroom. We LOVE our Mimio time!

I HAD to make some ordinal Owls for math this year! :)

I made a new behavior chart. I haven't put the clothespin on yet. (Add that to the list for Monday morning!) If you would like this chart click here.

I also have a Behavior Log to go with the chart. Click here.

I found this great genre posters on TPT. I have them on a magnetic strip so I can transfer to the book nook when I need them. We are going to put book titles under the genres as we read new books throughout the year.

So excited about our new "Book Nook!" This board is magnetic and will be used to discuss books each week.

DRUMROLL PLEASE...............

My new reading corner!! SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! I organized our tiny classroom library over the summer by topic. I'm hoping for some great Scholastic orders this year to help build up our library. I had this old yellow chair from ages ago and saw a cute canopy on Pinterest and the wheels started to turn.... Our leader for the day will get some special time in the reading corner! :)

This is also a new addition to my room. A neighbor was cleaning out, and I got LUCKY! The back piece was missing so I added my pocket chart and writing paper. I WILL LOVE THIS FOR SMALL GROUP!

This was a great idea for open house. Another teacher suggested making supply boxes so the kids could help sort their supplies while the parents filled out paper work. It was great! We will be thankful we did this come Monday morning! I am looking forward to a great year!

If you would like more organizational labels click here!


Kerrie Sherrell said...

Does anyone know how to use google docs on here so I can post some freebies? I'm still new to this! Thanks! :)

Mona said...

Hi Kerrie,
Your room looks great! It's so colorful and inviting . . . looks ready for the first day of school. I love your management cards and downloaded them. Thank you.

Go to Google Docs. You will sign in with your email and password {same way you sign in to blogger}. Right under "docs" on the upper left side of the screen is an upload icon {hover over it and it says upload}. Click on it and upload your file. Once you upload the file, you will get a new window. You will want to click on share and it will give you options on how you want to share it. It will also give you a link. That's the link you use on your blog to link to the file. I hope this makes sense. Any questions, just go to my blog. Good luck!

First Grade Schoolhouse

Laura said...

Go to google and click on documents. Then click on the download button. Click new file and download. There is a button that says share. Click share and check the box that says "all who have the link." Email me if that doesn't work!
Love your room! I have puffs ready to hang-so cute!I think I have that same blue wall.
Peace, Love, and First Grade

Kerrie Sherrell said...

Thanks for the help!! The freebies are now up for grabs! :)

Love Teaching said...

Thanks for the great ideas & freebies! Love your classroom!


Heather Seibel said...

Hi, I love your blog! Thanks to Pinterest I made it here.

As I was looking through this post I noticed those book type posters (tall tale, non fiction, etc) and I just have to have them!

I searched your stores, and didnt see them there. Can you please let me know where you got them.

Thanks, Heather

Kerrie Sherrell said...

Thanks for following!! We love these genre posters too! I got them from Ginger-Snaps on teachersnotebook. They are wonderful!

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