Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birthday Balloons

Pinterest strikes again! Don't you just love it! I see things and think "Why didn't I think of that!" This was one of those projects! Such a cute idea. I always find myself struggling on the morning of a student's birthday to fill out their certificate and make sure I have some kind of happy in the treasure box and check folders and take attendance and check morning work and parents bringing cupcakes and the list goes on and on!!! The life a a first grade teacher can be tiresome but always rewarding!

I started with a box of giant Pixy Stix from Sam's Club.

I took the top of of the box as directed and used wrapping paper to cover the bottom half and top half of the box. I used the small top half to hold my birthday certificates and birthday stickers, and I used the large bottom piece of the box to hold by birthday balloons. I ran off and taped the balloons to the pixy stix, tied some string, and SHAAZAM! We have a cute birthday corner! Yay! No more crazy birthday mornings!!

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