Thursday, September 6, 2012

M&M Addition

We are back in full swing after Hurricane Isaac! This week has almost felt like the start of school again since we have missed 3 day since last Tuesday. I have to admit I am always happy to get in a routine. :)

In math we are learning addition strategies 0-5. Oh so fun! We started the week off learning how to add using Touch Math. The kids blew me away by how quickly they caught on! They impress me more and more each day! I saw this great idea on Pinterest to create a list of all the addition strategies as you teach each one. I think this is a great way to help the kids remember and review each way to add. Of course my chart paper is not as cute as the one on Pinterest, but I can't find extra time in my day to make it cute! (Maybe one day :) We will fill in the chart as we learn new addition strategies.

To introduce using pictures to add, we read M&M Counting by Barbara McGrath. We also used some paper M&M's with our pocket chart to practice.

After the lesson and picture practice, we decorated our M&M Addition sheets and glued down our M&M's. Today we did the math once the candy was good'n'stuck!

If you would like to download this free addition freebie click here.

For more tasty addition visit my TPT or TN store. Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!


Mrs. Reed said...

I love the candy math activities! Im now following.
Flying Into First Grade

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